Aircraft Fuel Tank Test: JHP Aircraft Fuel Tank Test Bench

Are you familiar with the Aircraft Fuel Tank Test? This equipment consists of an aircraft test bench, testing the leakage from the fuel tank on the wing of the aircraft with air and helium gas to generate a report with the necessary data to ensure safety and approval condition of the aircraft for flight. This JHP´s exclusive product in our country is an innovative equipment for the aeronautical industry that has already won the largest companies in the sector in Brazil and worldwide. Serving, for example, Embraer fleet and bringing more safety to flights.

Aircraft Test Benches

The aircraft takeoff tests, performed on the ground, are fundamental to ensure the safety and functioning of the aircraft, its operations, its ground staff and flight crew members. Through the test bench, it is possible to have a complete multifunctional report that analyzes part by part of the operations process.

With this report, recorded on a USB flash drive, it can evaluate the approval or disapproval of the aircraft according to the requirements of ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) and the civil aviation authorities. It is then necessary to analyze the tests reproduced by the bench in all aircraft systems and delivered to the certifying authority.

The benches, therefore, emerge as an innovative high-tech solution that guarantees safety and the best possible performance for the aeronautical industry. It brings to the industry and its air vehicles safety and quality, providing an essential service of test reporting in a single machine created especially for each type of aircraft.

We can assemble the benches in two ways. They can be either independent, where the bench has its own air compressor for testing, or we can set up them using an external air compressor. Independent benches are notoriously known for their easy use in places where a high-flow air network is not available.

Therefore, we set up the benches according to each structure and operation of a given aircraft. Thus, there may be differences from one to the other. The specialized and personalized service ensures a better integrity and assertiveness of the test results.

JHP bringing technology and safety.

JHP is recognized in the technological development sector and nationalization of equipment and products. One of our benches simulates the aircraft's takeoff curve. This way ensures that its structure has the ideal leakage to ensure safety and comfort of passengers and crew.

The pneumatic panel system has its composition to aggregate the pneumatic elements. Activating, through compressed air, the different commands of the aircraft. In this way, the operation of such controls and their functions during takeoff is simulated. Through the movement and displacement of the parts that compose the pneumatic and electrical system of the test benches.

JHP's aircraft leak test benches, which serves Embraer fleets, test the fuel tank leak on the aircraft wing with air and helium gas. It then generates a report to ensure the safety and approval of the aircraft's condition for flight.

The simulation results, observed and guided by engineers, evaluate the aircraft's performance. By testing its controls in different scenarios and situations during a flight. The goal is then to approve the thousands of requirements that must be met for the aircraft to be cleared for flight.

To learn more about our benches, go to https://www.jhpautomacao.com.br/aeronautical . Contact our team and guarantee a specialized and high-tech service!

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